Did you know that over 80% of Google searches conducted on a smart phone had the term “near me” added to it? People want their results to be hyper localised and Digital LAM does just that. It is Local Area Marketing (LAM) but done in the online space.

There are lots of moving parts in the digital landscape, but Choose Local focuses on the core elements that drive the best results for small business owners who want to connect with local customers.

At Choose Local, we are all about Digital LAM. We’ve built out a series of simple, affordable solutions that allow any business, regardless of size, to undertake best practice Digital LAM. Our packages offer suport for:


The Choose Local Digital Audit reviews your digital touchpoints and provides a report on what you do well and what you could improve on. This audit is done through a small business lense looking at the core elements relating to Digital LAM so you can focus on local.

$99 Digital Audit
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